how did i start loving sarees??

how did i start loving sarees??

How did i start loving sarees?

 Just like any other girl, I used to think draping a saree is complicated and preferred staying away from draping one even at family weddings. Little did I know that this beautiful six yard of magic was soon going to mesmerise and charm me into loving it.

 I had worn sarees on a few occasions like my farewell In high school and my sisters wedding. I could literally count the number of times I wore a saree and am pretty sure you can relate.

 I always got fascinated by the prints and weaving of sarees but the reason I stayed away from them was the hassle of the drape. You know what am talking about right? 100s of pin, draping it to perfection and using the washroom

 Time passed by and my love for sarees grew more everyday as I started to practice my draping skills. My life changed with the covid 19 lockdown. Just like millions around the globe I too was stuck at home with little to do and even the unlimited Netflix shows could no longer keep me interested.  Thats when I started experimenting with saree drapes and for some magical reasons unknown even to me I was able to explore and discover 100s of drape.


This is how it began


This is where i am today

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 Today I can vouch my life on the fact that any woman around the globe can look like a queen with the right choice of saree. At Stylebypanaash our aim is to make you more beautiful than you already are with our fabulous collection.



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