10 Styling tips for Office Sarees.

10 Styling tips for Office Sarees.

Keep it simple and elegant by wearing a plain saree in a solid color, paired with a blouse in a contrasting color or print. Choose fabrics like cotton or linen for a more formal look.

Experiment with different draping styles, such as the classic Gujarati style, Bengali style or the dhoti style, to add some variety to your office wardrobe.
Add a modern twist to your saree by pairing it with a formal shirt instead of a traditional blouse. This works particularly well with simple cotton sarees.

A well-tailored blazer or jacket can add a sophisticated touch to a saree. Pair your saree with a formal blazer for a professional look that's perfect for a meeting or presentation.
Accessorise with a statement watch, belt or handbag to complement your saree and add a touch of elegance to your look.

Go for a printed saree in a subtle pattern or print, and pair it with a plain blouse. Keep the jewelry minimal to maintain a simple yet elegant look.

A formal saree with minimal embroidery or embellishments can also work well for the office. Pair it with a plain blouse and minimal jewelry for a professional look.

A saree with a contemporary design or a fusion saree can be a great option for the office. Pair it with a crop top or a shirt for a more modern look.

A chiffon tie and dye saree would be perfect and light weight for every day use.
Layer your saree over pants or leggings for a unique and modern look that is perfect for the office. Choose a saree with a modern design or print to make a statement.
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