Meet The Founder

A wave of nostalgia sweeps over me as and I reminiscence and realise that Stylebypanaash is now 7. Even after almost a decade, I feel I am still that small girl that fell in love with the picture of a lady covered in voluminous swathes of a gorgeous saree. Over these years whenever I dress my clients from across the globe I realise that -  A saree lovingly encircles the woman's body, hiding any faults and beautifully accentuating the curves of a woman to create a stunning silhouette that is all her own!

One thing is etched in my heart and at team Stylebypanaash – the saree is fashion statement and an intoxicating mix of traditional and sexy. 
Women today are modern & chic and have evolved over the years from but the battle and struggle to drape a saree seems to be stuck in the sands of time. The terror, of the perilous pin falling off, is something that most women dread. BUT .. Now …this is where Stylebypanaash comes in, my team and I put in a lot of effort to eliminate the complexity of having to drape a saree while retaining the power and identity of the saree.
Come and enter the world of Stylebypanaash and fall in love with the saree all over again.  My concept of Easy Saree has rekindled the love affair with the saree for my clients across the globe. Browse our sarees and experience the Power of flaunting a pallu.

Anita Shetty