Saree & Dance

Saree & Dance

Saree and dance are often correlated because the saree is a traditional Indian garment that is commonly worn during dance performances. In fact, the saree is considered to be one of the most graceful and elegant garments for dancers to wear.

The flowing fabric of the saree, which typically measures around 5 to 9 meters in length, allows dancers to move and express themselves freely. The various draping styles of the saree also lend themselves well to different types of dance, such as the Kathak style of dance which involves intricate footwork and fast spins.

Additionally, the saree is often embellished with intricate embroidery, sequins, or other decorative elements that add to its beauty and make it a stunning visual element of a dance performance.

The iconic desi gal dance

Overall, the saree's versatility and elegance make it a popular choice for Indian dancers, and it has become closely associated with dance as a result.

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