Sarees are fun

Sarees are fun

Saree is Fun..

Being Indian, we get to experiment a lot of variety of dressing. We have Punjabi Suit, Kurti, Lehengas, Choli or what not. The list is endless but I guess Saree scores the most.

You can flaunt it beautifully the way you want. You can opt for simple regular saree draping for those regular days but you can ad little touch to it and you can give it glamorous look or even lehenga look depending on the occasion you're wearing.

You can drape it like Gujarati pallu ( might now aware of it then lemme tell you, you have to take pallu to the front side than to back which is regular wearing style..)

Nowadays we can do much more with Saree, slight changes with pallu and you will look as glamorous as walking ramp for Cannes.

Even additional touch with blouse, you can look as beautiful as a Film Star. We can spot bralet or crop top to give even the most beautiful and enhancing look to give that "hatke" look.

See basically if we opt for plain Saree, it so easy to style that with pallu changes you will represent it differently and ad different touch to blouse and you will stand out from the crowd.

I love sporting Saree in general coz it makes you look stunning but also helps you flaunt your curves beautifully.


Who doesn't want to flaunt it anyway? 😉

I love to look like simple yet sexy yet beautiful.

It's weird combination to hear na? Lemme share you my secrets.


Wear Saree beautifully in whichever way you want, but make sure it is nicely wrapped around your body (so use shape wear, it helps flaunting your curves and trust me it is also very much comfortable) and that will give you confident mindset.

Hence the look as I mentioned will be combined look.

So you must be wondering, what if you guys wanna experiment even more. Then use dupatta, again a question how?


Very simple.. Either you can wear it in pleates to ad that dupatta to your pallu or you can keep it loosely on with shoulder or on both the arms placed loosely. So a lot of options here we have.

Do you know you can wear Saree as lehenga too... Aaahhh wanna know.. hold onto your breath, and lemme share. Just like you do pleats, use whole saree for that so your lehenga option is ready.


Now you need blouse, wear any coolest crop top or bralette which suits to it best and take dupatta if you wish or you can just wear Lehenga & Choli.


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