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Light Green Georgette Saree

Light Green Georgette Saree

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Banarasi Georgette sarees are in great demand all year round but during the festive season they catch the most eyes. They are made using vividly coloured threads and adorned with dazzling zari. The georgette banarasi sarees are weaved with precision and have the blessings of gods entwined in them, for they originate in the city of Varanasi, famous for its spiritual significance, and cultural heritage. Banarasi georgette sarees are more than a piece of fabric – they are the artwork of craftsmen who have devoted their lives to perfect each saree, and have always stuck to the traditional weaving techniques to achieve best results. It takes such immaculate hard work because they are hand-crafted. This explains why Banarasi georgette sarees are often said to be the epitome of excellent craftsmanship. The rich heritage and culture of Banaras is evident in these beautiful drapes and their magnificent motifs. Don’t mistake georgette banarasi sarees to be old-fashioned though, for they are a well liked modern option and are the most sought-after kind of georgette sarees. The fine woven fabric is lightweight and easy to style. Georgette banarasi sarees have a modest and effortless feel to them, but are gorgeous nonetheless.  Georgette banarasi sarees are a creative incarnation of traditional banarasi silk, for they employ the old techniques but portray new age motifs. Styles from the past have been incorporated in such a manner that they represent a classy yet contemporary look. Georgette banarasi sarees aren’t as crinkly as pure silk and are the perfect choice for someone who has just started wearing sarees because of the ease with which they can be carried. Their lightweight allows banarasi georgette sarees to be embellished with embroidery and adornment. The cutwork technique is employed in their making.

Saree length : 5.5 meter

Blouse piece :  0.8 meter

Fabric : Georgette blend

Time to ship : 3 to 5 working days


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